What Is Learning Management System?

Learning Management System

LMS is the abbreviation for Learning Management System or Learning Management System in Brazil also known by some as AVA, Virtual Learning Environment .

Another widespread term equivalent to the LMS is the distance learning platform or distance learning platform. All of these terms mean the same type of system. The Learning Management System Software application for administration, offering and monitoring of virtual or online courses , and some of these systems also support the management of classroom courses.

Just as Microsoft Word helps you write documents and Gmail helps you manage your emails, LMS is a type of software that helps you create, manage and offer courses over the Internet. An LMS basically allows:

Content creation

Organization in courses

Enrolling students in these courses

These platforms also have resources for evaluating performance and monitoring users’ progress.

Types Of LMS Platforms

LMS platform

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The Learning Management System basically has two contexts of use: Educational or Corporate. In the educational context, it is used by educational institutions in which they use it as a tool to operationalize the offer of courses for their students or as a support tool for classroom courses.

In use by companies in general, it is used as a platform for corporate education , serving to train employees, customers and partners. In this way, it serves as a tool for employee development and impacts the organization’s results.

Web Conferencing And Chat

For some types of courses, synchronous interaction between the participants and the instructor may be important. Features such as the Learning Management System  ability to meet virtually over the internet in real time using video, audio and text resources are quite common on platforms including available via smartphones and tablets.


The forums are a resource for proposing and discussing a specific topic. They are one of the most popular features of an Learning Management System. In it, participants comment and respond in an organized way to a certain subject.

There is usually a moderator who guides the discussion with the intention of keeping participants engaged and that the discussion is not diverted to another topic.

Today the forums have collaboration resources not only by text but also by video, images, audio, links, etc. Many have built-in social networking features like liking, evaluating, and tagging specific people in discussions.

Social Features

The social learning is one of the most effective ways of absorbing knowledge. Currently, the vast majority of platforms have informal learning networks, which allow users to connect, post content and interact privately or publicly.


Currently, many platforms are relying on gamification resources . These resources are the attribution of points, badges or achievements for users as they carry out actions

The learning Management System For Security Professionals.

 The BIStrainer Learning Management System allows you to create engaging training material using a wide variety of SCORM and multimedia files. Once your content is created and the desired course options are defined, you can assign it to your employees using access codes, the built-in training matrix, or individual, geographic, or role-specific permissions.

Automatically Assign Safety Training:

Using the Learning Management System Training Matrix, you can configure roles, training topics, training requirements, and certification programs. Give new and existing employees all the online and classroom training they need without the headaches of manual spreadsheets. Bistrainer learning management system training matrixYou can automatically assign all mandatory and optional training to your employees based on their:



our expertise in acquisition

training recertification requirements, and


The training matrix can also provide variance reports, compliance monitoring and certification progress.

Move Your Orientation Online:

Integration of the bistrainer learning management system The BIStrainer LMS enables you to create engaging onboarding experiences for your employees and site visitors in minutes. Getting the most out of your new hires starts with orientation for new hires.

Effective site orientation provides new employees with an overview of the existing corporate culture, company policies and procedures and a better understanding of what is expected of them.

Compatible with mobile, tablet and computer

Add photos and videos directly from your mobile or tablet

Download existing slide show presentations

Add engaging voiceovers, questions, and activities

Capture historical training records in orientation

Download the company documents to be completed online

Include access to the latest company policies and procedures

Update messages, alerts and new information

Site Specific Course Content:

You can add location-specific items to online courses using the built-in course builder. These courses only appear based on the student’s location. Courses may contain country, province or industry specific videos and information to personalize the experience for the individual.

This allows you to create a single dynamically designed fall protection course with different slides, videos, and questions for users in each province. Your teams in different provinces can take the same course and learn information relevant to their region without crossing over.

Design Quizzes And Exams Online:

Strainer learning management system review engineYou can use the exam engine portion of the Learning Management System to create multiple choice and long answer assessments.

The review engine allows you to assess your team to make sure they have retained the training.  You can create question groups, randomize the order, and create custom long answer questions. Responses can be automatically sent to a qualified person for correction.

Over 1,000 Courses Available:

The LMS gives you access to thousands of courses for your entire team. You can assign courses to team members based on specific roles or locations.

These Are just A Few Of The Great Safety Training Courses We Offer.

protection against falls

GHS and WHMIS 2015

Lockout / tagout

Essentials for PPE employees

And over 1,000 other high quality training


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